No Worries. We'll Take Care of Your WordPress Site.

Our WordPress Website Care Plans handle all of the routine tasks, updates, and problems so you can feel your website is taken care of and have time for the important things.

Our WordPress Website Care Plans Offer:

Off-Site Backups

You can rest assured that your website data is safe. We perform daily off-site backups and can restore your site if something goes wrong.

Unlimited Maintenance

Do you need some work done on your site? Our plans include unlimited small tasks. If you need more done, we can talk about that too.

Core Updates

We make sure you have the latest WordPress software there is. When new updates come out we’re on top of it and your site will be safe and secure in a flash.

Plugin Updates

We make sure every plugin on your site is up to date complete with new features and security patches. Don’t get hit with out of date insecure plugins.

Automated Security Monitoring

We keep tabs on your website and ensure that it’s safe from hacks and malware. Your site will automatically get scanned on a regular basis to keep your visitors safe and your site off blacklists.

Malware Cleanup

If something happens to your site under our watch, we will clean it up in no time. We hate malware and viruses just as much as you.

Uptime Monitoring

If your site isn’t up and running, your customers can’t find you. We will keep an eye on it and alert you of extended downtime. Ensure your host is keeping up it’s end of the bargain.

Performance Monitoring

Is your website performing to the best of it’s ability? Are load speeds slow for your visitors? We monitor the situation and let you know how your site is doing.

Training Videos

Need some help learning how to use your WordPress site? We’ll give you professional training videos right in your dashboard so you can learn all the ins and outs of WordPress.